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2P Games is a small, independent games development studio founded by husband and wife Pawel & Julia Pieciak. It is located in Leamington Spa, UK.

Pawel: “Before, I worked as a programmer for a large games company which was a great experience but I always wanted to create games based on my own ideas and have total freedom on deciding what goes into the game. Combining that with absolute love and passion for games I’ve decided to make my own mark in the industry. Idea to make games for a living was born long time ago when as a 13 years old kid I got my first PC and started coding games in assembler.”
Julia: “I’ve always supported my husband and when he told me about his plans to set up a small games studio, I wanted to help him. I didn’t know anything about games development, but there were other areas I found myself useful in - business administration & marketing.”

In 2P Games, Pawel is responsible for games development+marketing and Julia is taking care of business administration side of things. For anyone interested to know more, please check out 2P Games blog.
Favourite quote: “Doubt is born out of conflicting desires. Be sure what you want and you won’t have doubts”.
Julia Pieciak - business admin+marketing.
Favourite quote: “If someone says that something can’t be done, tell it to a person that doesn’t know about it, he shall come and do it”.
Pawel Pieciak - games development+marketing.
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